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We collaborate and cooperate on a community level to provide new ways to be competitive and efficient in the global marketplace.

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Founded by Jessica Artemisia, Studio Artemisia LLC has been serving marketing clients and spearheading original creative and entrepreneurial projects since 2022. 


​AI art, graphic design, web design, funnel creation and management, marketing direction, copywriting, education and courses on marketing, coaching and consultation on digital marketing.

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Jessica Artemisia

In January 2019, I was moving home from being an English teacher and China, and I knew I need to make a MAJOR change in my life. So I decided I needed to learn to work online, 

But I had NO IDEA HOW.

So I got to work learning, reading, watching, researching, and practicing ways of working online until I discovered my niche in copywriting and design. I learned to make websites, write sales copy, and create social media graphics. It was a start. 

Then I got into NFTs and crypto in 2021 and I made a lot of money selling my own art, trading NFTs and coins, and working for NFT projects as a loremaster, rewards program builder, and decentralized media platform architect.

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I've been devoted to human liberation since I was 17 years old living in Thailad where I saw the Western financial system colonize the Thai economy and I witnessed girls getting sold into sexual slavery by their own families. I vowed then to spend my life fighting against it.

My vow has taken me all over the world and I've studied countless subjects to try to understand why this happens and how to stop it.  I graduated with honors from Saginaw Valley State University with a Bachelor's of Arts in International Studies and a certificate in International Business and Marketing, and then from New York University with a Master's of Science in Global Affairs, where I studied the relationship between international political economy, transnational organized crime, and human trafficking.

I lived in China, where I moved to try to found a decentralized factory to liberate women garment workers, and I lived in Morocco, where I taught English and helped students gain access to graduate school abroad, while studying the inner liberation of Sufism.

Now my goal is to teach the skills that have liberated me, and I am doing it for free, because I'm not here to gatekeep. I want anyone to be able to access the tools of their own freedom, if they choose to take that step.

Contact me at jessica@studioartemisia.xyz to join us!

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Dedicated to liberation and social change through harnessing market forces.